Finest Museums in the Caribbean Region

Musée du Panthéon National

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Hidden under high palms off the Haitian capital’s great public square, the Champs-de-Mars, Haiti’s national museum (commonly known by the acronym MUPUNAH) is a can’t-miss stop for any visitor here.

Museo de Arte Moderno

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

It’s called the Museum of Modern Art, but the Museo de Arte Moderno is truly a tour through almost two centuries of Dominican art.

Spice Basket Museum


This intimate museum provides a concise history of Grenada’s heritage. Displays range from Amerindian artifacts and plantation records to articles and pamphlets, written during the Grenada Revolution 1979 – 1983. The world’s first and only display of West Indies Cricket memorabilia makes up a significant portion of the collection. Bats, luggage, uniforms, and caps, worn by team members during significant matches are on display.

The Alexander Hamilton Museum


The Alexander Hamilton Museum is housed in a Caribbean Georgian building that was built on the foundation of the structure, where Alexander Hamilton was born in 1757 (or 1755). The museum interprets the History and Culture of Nevis and the life of Hamilton, the first Secretary of the United States Treasury.

Heavenly Caribbean Beaches



This isn't a beach you visit to plop down on a chaise and order a glass of sparkling water. Bathsheba, located about 14 miles from Barbados' capital, Bridgetown, on the Atlantic coast, is a wild and breezy stretch of eye-catching rock formations that's ideal for active/adventurous visitors. Catch a wave, enjoy an invigorating stroll and sip tea while soaking in one of the shallow Bathsheba Pools.

Pinney's Beach


The longest public beach on Nevis, 4-mile Pinney's offers up panoramic views of the island's lush hillsides (home to green vervet monkeys) in one direction and neighbouring St. Kitts in the other.

Ffryes Beach


Antigua has 365 beaches — yes, the island could do a "Beach of the Day" calendar — so choosing one was tough. We went for relaxation and beauty (although when cruise ships are in port this is often an excursion destination). Accessible by bus (20 minutes from the capital, St. John), Ffryes Beach has powdery sand, gentle surf and a chill vibe.

Delightful Caribbean Food

Rice and Peas
Fluffy rice is often boiled with sweet coconut milk for additional flavour, and soft red beans that add to the texture. Rice and peas is an important part of the Caribbean cuisine. Each dish varies from home to home, restaurant to restaurant, but this savoury accompaniment works well with chicken, pork and seafood dishes and is very widely consumed. It is a staple dish and a delicacy that must be tried.
Curry Goat
A dish that has roots in Asia and is popular in the Caribbean, curry goat is an absolute delicacy with amazing flavours and succulent texture when cooked right. Goat meat should be slow-cooked with spices and seasonings and served piping hot. The dish can be eaten with rice and peas or alongside potatoes. It is an incredibly popular dish in Jamaica. It is completely delicious when the meat is falling off the bone and melts in the mouth.
Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes are filling accompaniments to any dish. They can be combined with spices and served with chicken, lamb or pork. They are usually either roasted or boiled to perfection. Sweet potatoes can be served in stews as well, adding texture and flavour to the dish to create an extra dimension that makes the Caribbean food even more delectable.


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